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Don't Go In The Woods With An Ugly Knife​​

Skillfully Crafted Custom Knives for You, That

 Carry a Workmanship Guarantee & Certificate Of Authenticity Plus Lifetime Free Resharpening & Buffing

Our Mission 

To provide our customers with durable knives that they can use for both indoor and outdoor activities. 

We deliver masterfully crafted blades at affordable prices.

About Our Company 

We are A Southeastern Michigan Limited Liability Company that is owned and operated by the husband and wife duo, Ronald B. and (Deceased due to complications of COVID-19 ) Lucinda (Cindy) Sandberg. May God Bless Her Soul.  Our first knives were crafted back in 1996. Since then, we have been producing custom handmade knives of all kinds for hunters and outfitters worldwide.

South African cutlers Stephen MacKrill, Arno Bernard, and his son Arno Jr. are a big influence in our style and choice in handle types. We have been fortunate to meet and befriend many knife makers and leatherworkers all over the world. This has helped us develop more unique styles and experiment with different designs.

What We’re Involved In 

We are a life member of Safari Club International and have participated in the following:

  • Detroit Chapter 

  • Novi Chapter

  • Southeast Michigan Bowhunters Chapter

  • Novi Chapter Wounded Veterans

  • Mid-Michigan Chapter

We have donated to the chapters above, our company has also contributed to Ducks Unlimited and participated in the Pointe Mouillee Waterfowl Festival. 


Hello Mr. & Mrs. Sandberg,

They did arrive on Saturday afternoon. We would like to thank you again for working with us on the purchase, and assuring that we received the knives.

We cannot wait to use them, and we will recommend your work to anyone we know that needs a great knife!

Thank you,


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